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Shinanigens - Shin Lim-torrent.torrent Hit: How to Download and Watch the Best Card Magic Ever

Shinanigens - Shin Lim-torrent.torrent Hit: A Review of the Amazing Magic DVD by Shin Lim


If you are a fan of card magic, you have probably heard of Shin Lim, the Canadian-American magician who has won multiple awards and competitions, including Penn & Teller: Fool Us, America's Got Talent, and America's Got Talent: The Champions. He is known for his stunning card manipulation and sleight of hand skills, as well as his silent and musical presentation style.

Shinanigens - Shin Lim-torrent.torrent hit


But did you know that Shin Lim has also released a DVD that teaches some of his most incredible effects and routines? It's called Shinanigens - Shin Lim-torrent.torrent Hit, and it's a two-disc set that contains over four hours of magic content. In this article, I will review this DVD and tell you what you can expect from it, as well as its pros and cons.

Who is Shin Lim?

Before we dive into the DVD, let's get to know Shin Lim a little better. Shin Lim was born in Vancouver, Canada, in 1991, but he moved to Singapore when he was two years old and then to Massachusetts when he was 11. He started playing piano at a young age and was planning to pursue a career in music until he developed carpal tunnel syndrome at 16. That's when he switched to magic as his passion and profession.

Shin Lim is mostly self-taught in magic, having learned most of his skills from watching YouTube videos. He has also shared some of his own techniques on YouTube, where he has over 5 million subscribers. He specializes in close-up card magic, using advanced sleight of hand, gimmicks, and misdirection to create stunning visual effects. He also performs without speaking, relying on music and facial expressions to convey his emotions and story.

Shin Lim has won many awards and accolades for his magic, including the 2015 FISM World Championship in Close-up Card Magic, the 2018 America's Got Talent season 13 winner, and the 2019 America's Got Talent: The Champions winner. He has also appeared on many TV shows, such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us (twice), The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He currently performs at The Mirage in Las Vegas as part of a residency show called LIMITLESS.

What is Shinanigens?

Shinanigens is a DVD that Shin Lim released in 2016. It contains two discs: one that teaches his famous routine called The Dream Act, and another that teaches several other effects that he performs regularly. The DVD is aimed at intermediate to advanced magicians who want to learn some of Shin Lim's secrets and methods.

The DVD is available for download from various online platforms, such as Penguin Magic, Vanishing Inc., Murphy's Magic, and Shin Lim's own website. It costs around $80 USD for both discs or $50 USD for each disc separately. It has received mostly positive reviews from magicians and critics alike, who praise Shin Lim's creativity, skill, and teaching style.

The Content of the DVD

Disc 1: The Dream Act

The first disc of the DVD teaches Shin Lim's signature routine called The Dream Act. This is a 17-minute act that involves multiple phases of card magic, such as card productions, vanishes, changes, transpositions, restorations, levitations, and more. It also involves a lot of audience interaction and participation.

The Dream Act is considered by many to be one of the best card acts ever created. It has won Shin Lim several awards and recognition, such as the FISM World Championship in Close-up Card Magic in 2015 and the People's Choice Award at FISM in 2018. It has also been performed on TV shows such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us (where he fooled them twice) and America's Got Talent (where he won the show).

The Routine

The routine starts with Shin Lim introducing himself to the audience and asking for a volunteer to help him with his act. He then asks the volunteer to sign a card with a Sharpie marker and places it back into the deck. He then proceeds to perform various effects with the signed card and other cards from the deck.

Some of the effects include:

  • Making cards appear from thin air or from his mouth

  • Making cards change color or suit

  • Making cards vanish or reappear in different places

  • Making cards switch places with each other or with other objects

  • Making cards levitate or fly around

  • Making cards restore themselves after being torn or burned

  • Making cards penetrate through solid objects or his skin

  • Making cards multiply or split into smaller cards

  • Making cards spell out words or messages

  • Making cards form shapes or patterns

  • Making cards reveal predictions or coincidences

  • Making cards transform into other items such as coins or rings

  • Making cards disappear along with the entire deck

The routine ends with Shin Lim thanking the volunteer and giving them back their signed card as a souvenir.

The Explanation

The explanation section of the disc is about two hours long. It covers every detail of the routine, from the setup to the performance to the cleanup. Shin Lim explains each effect step by step, showing both the front view and the back view of his hands. He also gives tips on how to practice each move, how to handle different situations or problems that may arise during the show, how to interact with the audience and build rapport with them, how to use music and timing to enhance the presentation, how to customize or modify the routine according to your preferences or needs,

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