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Ani Black Fox

The animal which was described by that Page 191 learned physician, was brought from Angola in Africa, where it had been taken in the internal parts of the country, in company with a female of the same kind, that died by the way. The body was covered with hair, which was of a coal black colour, more resembling human hair than that of brutes. It bore a still stronger similitude in its different lengths; for in those places where it is longest on the human species, it was also longest in this; as on the head, the upper lip, the chin, and the pubes. The face was like that of a man, the forehead larger, and the head round. The upper and lower jaw were not so prominent as in monkies; but flat, like those of a man. The ears were like those of a man in most respects; and the teeth had more resemblance to the human, than those of any other creature. The bending of the arms and legs were just the same as in a man; and, in short, the animal, at first view, presented a figure entirely human.

Ani Black Fox

The fifth is the Mona, or the Cephus of the ancients: it is distinguished by its colour, which is variegated with black and red; and its tail is of an ash-colour, with two white spots on each side, at its insertion. It is a native of the northern parts of Africa. 041b061a72

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